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If you’re after an aesthetically pleasing TV, there’s really no need to look further than Samsung’s The Frame. When paired with a bezel frame (basically, a frame for your Frame) and Art Mode is engaged, you might mistake it for an actual piece of art.

The 2022 models have added an anti-reflective layer to the top of a QLED panel that really highlights the matte display of an oil painting or photo. All of this comes together to make Samsung’s The Frame an impressive piece of technology. And now on Cyber Monday, thanks to an instant discount and trade-in option, you can get one for basically free.

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Samsung The Frame Cyber Monday Deals

Here’s the scoop--Samsung’s currently taking up to $1,000 off The Frame, starting with the 32-inch size and stretching all the way to the 85-inch. For instance, the 32-inch size is discounted to $549.99 from $599.99, while the 65-inch is at $1,599, down from $1,1999.99. The full $1,000 off is for the 75-inch ($1,199.99 from $2,999.99) and 85-inch ($3,299.99 from $4,299.99).

For Cyber Monday, Samsung has rolled out the option of a device trade-in…specifically a Galaxy smartphone. Depending on the model and condition, Samsung will give you up to a $600 instant credit. Here are the devices eligible for trade-in:

  • Galaxy S10e at $125
  • Galaxy S10 at $160
  • Galaxy S10+ at $200
  • Galaxy S20 FE at $300
  • Galaxy S20 at $300
  • Galaxy Note 20 5G at $400
  • Galaxy S20+ at $400
  • Galaxy S21 at $400
  • Galaxy S21+ at $425
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra at $525
  • Galaxy Z Flip $525
  • Galaxy Note 20 5G Ultra at $575
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra at $600

So with a 32-inch Frame TV coming in at $549 + $79.99 (down from $99.99) for a bezel, you can trade-in a phone and knock off some serious cash. Same for any other model, in fact trading in an S21 Ultra can knock the cost of the 55-inch Frame to well under $1,000 or a 65-inch Frame for closer to $1,000.

All of the 2022 Frames offer a 4K resolution powered by a QLED panel for vibrant colors, deep blacks, and an immersive viewing experience that works for a range of content. The Frame also features an anti-reflective coating as the final panel which blocks out reflections on the screen. It’s best described as an upgraded matte finish as it blocks out pesky reflections and allows for more detail to what is on-screen. Additionally, you can get a Tizen smart interface for access to streaming services and gaming platforms like Xbox Game Pass without the need for another device.

The one oddity about The Frame is that a bezel (the frame) is not included. There’s a built-in black bezel but it doesn’t look like a frame. Luckily, the various bezel colors are also discounted this Cyber Monday but prices and the amount off will vary.

This instant discount plus this trade-in credit will not last long, so if you have an older Galaxy device laying around, it’s an excellent time to consider Samsung’s The Frame. And even if you don’t have a device for trade-in available, you can still get up to $1,000 off Samsung’s flagship lifestyle TV.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.