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Nomad already offers its "Sport" family of accessories for the iPhone 14 and for the Apple Watch as bands. And now it’s expanding that for AirPods third-generation as an protective case for $24.95.

The Sport Case for AirPods third-generation comes in three shades--Ash Green, Lunar Gray, or Marine Blue--with a durable build and a shiny finish.

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Sport Case for AirPods 3rd Gen ($24.95 at Nomad)

Unlike some other cases that may block wireless charging, Nomad’s option doesn't, and with this attached you can still wirelessly charge. Wondering about Apple Apple MagSafe support? It will work if you place it on the charger, but it will not magnetically attach. The Lightning port is accessible with the case attached as well.

The Sport Case itself on the inside features a microfiber lining to ensure it doesn’t scratch the actual case and is built from an ABC acrylic body. Like the iPhone 14 Sport Cases, the sides feature grip bumpers that makes the case easy to cary and upgrades the durability. The left and right sides of the case have slight divots for easy finger placement.

The outer finish is also shiny and any of the three shades. This adds some flair to the AirPods, while also adding protection. Additionally, the LED indicator light will still be visible and the Sport Case attaches as two separate pieces.

So whether you’ve been rocking third-generation AirPods since they launched in October, 2022 or maybe picked up a pair during the holiday shopping season, Nomad’s Sport Case is a simple way to up the durability and to keep the case looking pristine.

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