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With Christmas dinners, parties and assorted gatherings coming up, many will be cracking open some bottles of delicious wine. Of course, all those opened, unfinished bottles can be frustrating to deal with after the party is over. 

Consulting Google will offer several methods, some of which may work, but why go through that hassle when you could have Haley’s Corker on hand? With this five-in-one tool, you’ll be able to solve your wine bottle problem the easy way.

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A Cork That Does It All

Haley's Corker

Price: $9.61, originally $12.08

Haley's Corker

Haley’s Corker is a five-in-one aerator, pourer, wine filter, stopper, and re-corker. This corker will save you money on wasted wines, liquors, and oils since it effectively reseals open bottles and keeps them fresh longer. The corker is American-made and constructed of heavy-duty, BPA-free, and food-safe plastic, so you can trust that it’s safe.

When you open up a bottle of wine improperly, cork sediments and tartrates can mix in, compromising the taste and flavor. The filter element of this stopper will ensure you only pour the tastiest part of your wine, while also protecting the contents from dust and bugs if you’re having a drink outdoors. There’s even an aerator built in.

Haley’s Corker fits nearly all bottle sizes and is completely reusable and dishwasher-safe. With the no-leak airtight design, bottles can even be stored sideways without spills. Over 8,000 customers rave about this corker, and one extremely happy buyer had this to say:

“Keeps wine fresh and does a great job aerating the wines I drink. Easy to store in a drawer and a much easier way to seal a bottle of wine on the counter. Love it - I will be buying more and giving them as gifts!”

No holiday gathering seems complete without a nice bottle of wine, and no wine bottle is complete without an efficient corker. This one is currently on sale for over 20% off just in time for all the upcoming holiday festivities. 

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